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It’s About Time We Started Saving!

We are a group of savings minded women with one goal in mind, saving our family house budget money! From time to time, we will publish different ways that we find to save, coupons, promo codes, tricks and strategies. We have also setup a category for training for all the newbies to that find their selves in the same position as we are. Food prices, Gas prices, Clothing and Shoe prices, just about everything we need for our families have gone up in price. We have decided to fight back and search out the savings just waiting for us to use. We hope you find our little blog fun and helpful in your search to lower your family’s expenses.

We are neither a coupon site, a promo site, a “get free” site… we are all of those in one. But we are not a “get your daily coupon” or newsletter site. None of us have the time with our kids and family to be a slave to the computer. What we will do is teach the basics for the newbies, offer up tricks and strategies and opportunities to save, some immediately and others, saving day in and day out. There are so many ways to save and cut your family household expenses if you just take the time to incorporate some of the ideas and opportunities in your daily routine. Look forward to sharing what we find.

All the Best

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