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Never Pay Retail Again!

Thing we have to do…crazy

I am told that to move from website to WordPress, we have to convert certain code. So here is the conversion code: { “applinks” : { “apps” : [ ], “details” : [ { “appID” : “{app_prefix} . {app_identifier}”, “paths” : “/path/to/content” , “/path/to/other/*”, “NOT /path/to/exclude” ] }, { “appID” : “TeamID.BundleID2”, “paths” : [ […]

Coupon Lingo

You can find this on many website but I thought we should post up the list for our members to refresh their memories as well as something the newbies can begin to start learning. Here are the most common ones: NOTE: LOCATE ALL THE STORES CLOSE TO YOU AND FIND OUT THEIR SALE AND COUPON […]

It’s About Time We Started Saving!

We are a group of savings minded women with one goal in mind, saving our family house budget money! From time to time, we will publish different ways that we find to save, coupons, promo codes, tricks and strategies. We have also setup a category for training for all the newbies to that find their selves […]

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